a diversity and inclusion agency that bridges the gap between communities and representation
est. 2017
We cultivate sustained relationships between companies and the communities they impact.

Our inclusive experiences and strategies focus on youth engagement and community development, for students and young professionals in sport and creative industries.

Our platform supports underrepresented communities, with a focus on youth and women, and has served as a launchpad for new careers, mentorship connections, and countless professional opportunities.

In partnership with industry brands committed to change, we have created a knowledge, experience, and career opportunity pipeline and continue to work with clients to create equitable, lasting change.

We empower our network, inspire the next generation, and illustrate the importance of diversity and inclusion.


In March, we launched our crowdfunding campaign through adidas and IFundWomen’s Reimagine Sport campaign to support women redefining the future of sport

Through the immense support from our community and beyond we raised over $19,000. We want to thank everyone who joined our network of change and gave support for closing the opportunity gap for women in sport and creative industries

Funding raised will be used to expand our programming creating opportunities for girls and kids of color to explore creative interests and industries, and to support mentorship and resources for young professionals breaking into these spaces

Our Generous Contributors

925 Babe
Alex Bell
Antonia Scannapieco
Ariana Davis
Arlene  Isaacs-Lowe
Ashley Green Lee
Ashley Haines
Asriel Morias
Ayannah Kamryn
Bailey Thompson
Barbara Isaacs
Brendon Argueta
Brian Lynn
Briana Thomas
Brittany Coop
Camille Crayton
Casey Radcliffe
Cheryl Lowe

Chloe Borriello
Chris McKenzie
Crystal Sullivan
David Gibson
David Kent
Eric Emmanuel
Fatu Ogwuche
Gregory Vernick
Haley Hinemin
Heidi Davies
Jack Kamin
James Martin
Janice Pang
Jazmin Branch
John Dessereau
Kali Miranda
Keiko Hirosue
Linda Gibson
Lisa Presti Presti
Lucy Nobles
Maria Mora
Maya Walton
Michael Gordon
Nancy Lanzilotta
Ross Van Balen
Sheniqua Faulkner
Sophia Ahmad
Stacy Tatem
Steph Grimm
Stephanie Cartin
Tana Hoffman
Tim Ohara
Vanessa Wilcox
Walter Lowe
ZeShan Malik
We develop moments that matter for our network and consult with companies, across music, fashion, and sports, to develop and implement lasting civic-minded, community-focused strategies.

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