H&M Growth Strategy

Connecting to new audiences
through a thoughtful and
authentic approach

Oct 2021

︎ Creative strategy 
︎ Program development 
︎ Strategic roadmapping

The problem

A legacy retailer wanted to boost their reputation and become a respected player in a new $97.3 billion market. Illuminated by consumer insights, they saw an opportunity to build out their product and resources to better support this new market and redefine their brand to cater to a new segment of customers..


Our solution

We provided a strategy for entry into this new culturally and financially lucrative market. We built out a two-year plan including strategic direction on collaborations and community partnerships, enabling them to thoughtfully and authentically build lasting relationships within this new market. Our approach targeted partners across the US representing a range of identities across gender, capability, age, and location — all of whom catered to the GenZ target demographic.


The impact

An evergreen roadmap for engagement into this new market, enabling the team to thoughtfully approach their next steps in order to establish their reputation in this market.