Incorp[HER]ated is a Black women owned creative marketing agency that aligns brands with the values their audience care most about.

With our pulse on culture, we connect our community of creatives with brands excited to empower through content and activations. We elevate voices to tell the stories and create experiences that unlock new levels of engagement, brand awareness, and opportunities for innovation.

Since 2017, we’ve grown with and through our community, so we know power of building real connections and how to make a real impact. We’ve seen our share of performative and disconnected campaigns, and developed our community-first approach to humanize growth and marketing.

We build with, not just for, to develop trust — the key for lasting success.

Your power is within your products, services, and mission. Our magic lies in our ability to amplify the impact of your work by connecting your what to your who.

What’s in it for us?
We’re on a mission to inspire and empower – building industries that are more connected to, and representative of, the communities they serve. One project at a time.