On Running Insights Panel

Developing insights for
products, activations, and campaigns
that truly hit the mark

Apr 2022

︎ Talent acqusition
︎ Event management
︎ Strategic coordination

The problem

In order to reach the NYC creative community, On Running needed cultural context to understand the needs and expectations of this audience.


Our solution

To support On Running in building a DEI strategy that resonates across their business functions, we hosted a company-wide digital and in-person panel for employees. The panel provided cultural context to the action core to On’s mission: movement.

For perspective into this physical and social force, we brought in cultural leaders: intersectional environmental activist and author Leah Thomas, and professional track and field athlete and creative producer, Rebecca Delaiah - moderated by Incorp[HER]ated co-founder, Khiana Lowe. Through their personal stories and experiences, they shared insights into what moves them as consumers.


The impact

On Running employees left the conversation with insights on how to develop impactful, authentic strategies that speak directly to the NYC creative community, and how to incorporate considerations around supporting them through product development, communications, partnerships and activations.