M&C Saatchi Mentorship Program

Empowering future generations
with access, information
and support

Est. 2020

︎ Program development
︎ Content and creative
︎ Scheduling, outreach, and logistics coordination

The problem

There is a mentorship deficit for people from underrepresented groups trying to get into creative industries, and professionals in creative find it challenging to find structured opportunities to connect with those seeking mentorship.


Our solution

To address the mentorship deficit impacting underrepresented groups in creative industries, we partnered with M+C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment to create an on-demand mentorship (ODM) program.

Members of our community are welcome to sign up for a free, 30-minute session with mentors from M+C to talk about all things agency, marketing, and creative. Session attendees are able to submit assets to be reviewed by mentors before or after their session and can ask any and all career-related questions.


The impact

Participants have space to ask questions, collaboratively formulate ideas, and get feedback on current projects. Sign-ups have come from a range of participants including current industry professionals to high-school students.

“So glad I signed up for the session with Nick! I feel like I got a lot out of it and he offered to review some materials as well. I recommended it to a couple friends, too, and I think this is so important and valuable to get feedback from people who are a few steps ahead in their career willing to give advice and answer questions” - ODM participant