Product created by NYC students
to show the world
they’re “Limitless”

Fall 2019

︎ Program development and management
︎ Curriculum design
︎ Product design and marketing
︎ Strategic direction for product launch

The Story

Incorp[HER]ated partnered with Foot Locker’s Greenhouse and Philadelphia-based sneaker factory Garrixon to bring to market the special edition Diadora Duratech Elite, LIMITLESS. LIMITLESS was designed by the winning team of NYC high school students from our 2019 Straight to Feet workshop.

The shoe design and campaign concepts were led by the students. During a visit to Garrixon’s studio, the team of six high school students worked with footwear designer, Rich Franklin, to finalize their design and see the sneaker-making process first-hand. The students were also centered in the shoe’s campaign and given the spotlight to talk about their design, what it means to them, and their hope that it will inspire students like them.

LIMITLESS was inspired by Coco Gauff and designed to tell the world that your age, race, gender, or sexual orientation shouldn’t limit what you’re able to achieve in life. Each element of the shoe, from its bright pink, blue, and purple colorway, to its holographic logo, is a protest against stereotypes and a statement for inclusivity.