In Real Time

Supporting our community
through digital conversations
for inspiration and connection

Spring 2020

︎ Event production
︎ Talent mangement
︎ Partnership coordination

The problem

The COVID-19 pandemic took away opportunities for in-person programming but created even more need for community spaces and connection.


Our solution

In an effort to navigate the shift from physical to digital experiences during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we surveyed our audience to understand how we could meet their needs and what they were looking for in a time of extreme uncertainty.

We created the In Real Time Instagram Live interview series in response to the asks for: video content, conversation, and the opportunity to learn something new.

We hosted a series of four, bite-sized interviews with women connected to the real-time happenings shaking up our world: from Tik Tok’s takeover, to the shift to digital events, to voter activism and the 2020 primary elections.


The impact

We expanded the Incorp[HER]ated community and welcomed existing and new members of our network into the conversations.

Viewers engaged with the conversation, asked questions in real time, and connected with our guests and each other. In Real Time set a precedent for effective and engaging digital programming for months to come.